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Mountain SidesDecember 03, 2021

Tee Pee Records Annex is stoked to unveil MOUNTAIN SIDES. Members of Carousel, Mirror Queen, Ruby the Hatchet, Limousine Beach, Zombi, & Osees cover MOUNTAIN. Available on all major platforms, today. Turn it up!

Full EP: https://mountainsidesnyc.bandcamp.com/ 


In the midst of initial confusion, as well as impending and lasting boredom the world over, the natural step for the sequestered musician was to continue to create. Being aware of David Wheeler's vocal and guitar prowess (both of which are reminiscent of late Mountain-man Leslie West), Morgan McDaniel reached out to do a one-off Mountain cover. As it turned out, two more songs and three more musicians were added to the equation.

The prospect of working with members of Osees, Zombi and Ruby The Hatchet was hard to pass up. Each musician recorded their own parts remotely, and in short order a final mix provided by McDaniel was greenlighted by all involved.

The distance and circumstances could not quell the energy or the absolute passion to breathe new life into these masterfully written tunes.


The Mountain Sides musicians are known for a variety of groups and hail from a variety of places. Guitarist and vocalist Dave Wheeler, known for his time in hard rockers Carousel and now Outsideinside and Limousine Beach, resides in Pittsburgh. Guitarist and New Yorker Morgan McDaniel, among many endeavors, wields his his guitar in metallic progsters Mirror Queen.

Owen Stewart is probably best known for his drumming in Philly's Ruby The Hatchet (another Tee Pee association within this project).

Bassist Steve Moore, another Yinzer, plays in the Pittsburgh duo Zombi. And drummer Paul Quattrone plies his wares in the well regarded LA band Osees.


"You Better Believe It" (West, Laing)

David Wheeler - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar (solo 1), Rhythm Guitar

Morgan McDaniel - Lead (solo 2), Rhythm Guitar

Steve Moore - Bass

Paul Quattrone - Drums

"Dreams Of Milk And Honey" (West, Pappalardi, Ventura, Landsberg)

David Wheeler - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar

Morgan McDaniel - Rhythm Guitar

Steve Moore - Bass

Owen Stewart - Drums

"Travelin' In The Dark" (Pappalardi/Collins)

Owen Stewart - Lead Vocals & Drums

David Wheeler - Lead Guitar (solo), Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Morgan McDaniel - Lead Melody Guitar

Steve Moore - Bass/Keys

Mixed by Morg


Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/3A1Kcey6tFxHHTUELZttJs?si=k61o7j46RNGnw3iwP1U0og