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$ 24.99

Satan's Satyrs - After Dark LP (evergreen vinyl) - OUT 8/30/2024

Following the release of their comeback single, ‘Quick Quiet Raid’, at the tail end of 2023, cult scuzz rockers Satan’s Satyrs are back with their new studio album, After Dark. Having harboured a cult following for over ten years and four indispensable albums prior to their split – Electric Wizar...
$ 24.99

Sacri Monti - Retrieval LP - (Winter Blue Vinyl) OUT 7/26/2024

Formed in San Diego in 2012, Sacri Monti has transcended genres and sonic expectations to create a sound so unique, their name has become synonymous with invention. Signed to Tee Pee Records, this July will see the official release of their third studio album, Retrieval. New single and album open...
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Sweat - Who Do They Think They Are? LP

Sweat - Who Do They Think They Are? LP is available on all streaming platforms. New York’s legendary underground rock label Tee Pee Records is thrilled to announce the official release this May of Who Do They Think They Are?, the debut album from Pittsburgh- based Swiss-American quartet, Sweat. A...
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Danava Live limited edition LP (recorded on 2008 and 2023 tours) on black vinyl, bundled with the Nothing But Nothing LP on clear vinyl at a great price. You can also buy the Danava live CD, don't miss out!


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The Shrine - both LPs + bonus Easy LP

We've got The Shrine's "Primitive Blast" pressed on limited edition white vinyl, "Bless Off" on limited edition opaque yellow, bundled together with a free copy of the Easy LP, Josh from the The Shrine's other band!
$ 17.98

Rot TV - Tales Of Torment - LP

Pressed on "ghoul flesh" yellow vinyl! This February will see the official worldwide release of Tales of Torment, the debut album from south-eastern Australia’s creeping clan of black denim/leather clad miscreants, Rot TV. While the album may be their first as a collective, as an itemized bill o...
$ 29.98

Sacri Monti LP + Waiting Room bundle

We've got the first Sacri Monti LP, now on clear vinyl, bundled together with the new Waiting Room LP on green vinyl, together at a great price! Waiting Room for the Magic Hour by Sacri Monti
$ 29.98

Ruby the Hatchet - Valley of the Snake & Planetary Space Child LP bundle

Ruby's classics "Valley of the Snake" LP on Hellfire Haze vinyl, bundled together with "Planetary Space Child" on Cotton Candy Haze vinyl for a killer price!


SACRI MONTI LP3!May 22, 2024

San Diego's finest's new single is out everywhere and we’re beyond pumped, turn it up and start your weekend right, link in bio! Pre-order “Retrieval” now, out July 26th, 2024, the first pressing on Winter Blue vinyl will go quick. More info.

1/8 – Blah Blah – Turin, Italy
2/8 – Pietra Sonica Fest – Osoppo Udine, Italy
3/8 – Palp Festival – Couvert du Goly, Switzerland
5/8 – Stone Smoker – Louny, Czech Republic
6/8 – Channel Zero – Ljubljana, Slovenia
9/8 – Sonic Blast Festival – Moledo, Portugal
10/8 – Hoflarm Open Air – Seelbach, Germany
11/8 – Urban Spree – Berlin, Germany
14/8 – dB’s – Utrecht, Netherlands
15/8 – Merlyn – Nijmegen, Netherlands
17/8 – Volcano Sessions – Montpeloux, France
18/8 – Secret Place – Montpellier, France
21/8 – Le Cirque Electrique – Paris, France
22/8 – The Black Heart – London, UK
23/8 – 1865 – Southampton, UK
24/8 – Kazimier Stockroom – Liverpool, UK
25/8 – Cosmic Vibration Fest – Sheffield, UK
Sacri Monti Band