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$ 26.99

Elder - Omens 2LP - gold and dark blue swirl - NOW SHIPPING MID-MAY!

Extremely limited edition pressing of the upcoming Elder double LP. Pressed on a gold and dark blue swirl, exclusively for Tee Pee Records and Outer Battery, these most definitely won't last long. This is a pre-order, the LPs will ship to arrive by the April 24th street date.
$ 17.98

Pushy - Hard Wish LP - chocolate brown vinyl - OUT NOW

Have you ever watched the 1977 video of Ram Jam playing “Black Betty” in somebody’s front yard and asked yourself, “Why don’t we have bands who party like that anymore?” And after the very first time you witnessed a young bellbottomed James Gang set up their gear in the Mexicali desert and riff t...
$ 11.98

Witch Taint - Sons Of Midwestern Darkness CD - OUT NOW!

From the mean streets of Gary, Indiana by way of Oslo, Norway (or maybe the other way around- we’re not sure) comes Witch Taint, the most extremely extreme and Satanic Norwegian Black Metal band from Indiana ever probably and you can ask anyone. Witch Taint founder Lance the King of Black Metal (...
$ 12.98

High Tone Son of a Bitch - Lifecycles: EP's of HTSOB 2CD - OUT NOW

Stream, download and shop digital service providers here: "Originally formed by brothers Paul and Andrew Kott from the ashes of Oakland prog/doom sludge masters Cruevo, and preceding the Matt Pike-fronted Bay Area metal "supergroup" Kalas, High Tone Son of a Bitch (HTSOB) ...


$ 29.98

The Shrine - both LPs + bonus Easy LP

We've got The Shrine's "Primitive Blast" pressed on limited edition white vinyl, "Bless Off" on limited edition opaque yellow, bundled together with a free copy of the Easy LP, Josh from the The Shrine's other band!
$ 29.98

Witch - S/T LP on gold splatter with Paralyzed LP on clear dark green

We've got Witch's classic debut LP, now on gold splatter, bundled together with the Paralyzed LP on clear dark green vinyl for a great price! Witch by Witch
$ 29.98

Sacri Monti LP + Waiting Room bundle

We've got the first Sacri Monti LP, now on clear vinyl, bundled together with the new Waiting Room LP on green vinyl, together at a great price! Waiting Room for the Magic Hour by Sacri Monti
$ 29.98

Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation LP and Sing the Night... LP bundle

We've got Sweet Apple's classic first LP, now back in print on limited edition green vinyl, bundled together with their latest releases, Sing the Night in Sorrow on clear orange haze! Sing The Night in Sorrow by Sweet Apple


Quarantine Blues / bandannas!April 28, 2020

Quarantine Blues! We've all got 'em. Tee Pee's staff curated this playlist to entertain those in the know, and school those who need schooling. Annoy your neighbors and turn it up! We're also running a 15% Quarantine Blues sale on our ENTIRE STORE, so support independent music while you can, just pop 'QuarantineBlues' in at checkout. 

AND, you know you need a new bandanna, in fact you need two. One to blow your nose in while you wash the other. ESPECIALLY if the 2nd one is automatically 15% off ON TOP of the discount mentioned about. THE TIME IS NIGH, GEAR UP! 

(Witch's rickenbacker not included:)