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Mythic Sunship - Light/Flux LP/CD OUT 9/30/22

Light / Flux sees the Scandinavian outfit Mythic Sunship take their self-proclaimed Anaconda Rock in a new direction. The band has previously incorporated elements from jazz, prog, psychedelic music as well as a ferocious punk feel both in production and playing on their penultimate record Wildfi...
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Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial CD/LP

Tee Pee Records is proud to present Telekinetic Yeti’s PRIMORDIAL – out everywhere July 8th. Pre-order the multiple-colored, limited edition first pressing (Only 200 copies per color!) while supplies last."Telekinetic Yeti are a two-piece who sound like an army. The Iowa stoner-metal duo tapped B...
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Mirror Queen - Inviolate - CD/LP

June 2022 brings the fourth Mirror Queen album Inviolate, with original members Kenny Kreisor (vocals/guitar) and Jeremy O'Brien (drums) being joined by James Corallo on bass and most recently, Morgan McDaniel on second guitar. Together they transcend the sameness of much of today's stoner scene,...
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Limousine Beach - Limousine Beach LP

Fronted by towering singer and guitarist, Dave Wheeler, Limousine Beach is a thrilling new guise for the former Outsideinside and Carousel frontman. Especially considering that under the hood of this mighty new beast lies an impeccable assembly of individuals, all of whom are no stranger to accl...


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The Shrine - both LPs + bonus Easy LP

We've got The Shrine's "Primitive Blast" pressed on limited edition white vinyl, "Bless Off" on limited edition opaque yellow, bundled together with a free copy of the Easy LP, Josh from the The Shrine's other band!
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Rot TV - Tales Of Torment - LP

Pressed on "ghoul flesh" yellow vinyl! This February will see the official worldwide release of Tales of Torment, the debut album from south-eastern Australia’s creeping clan of black denim/leather clad miscreants, Rot TV. While the album may be their first as a collective, as an itemized bill o...
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Sacri Monti LP + Waiting Room bundle

We've got the first Sacri Monti LP, now on clear vinyl, bundled together with the new Waiting Room LP on green vinyl, together at a great price! Waiting Room for the Magic Hour by Sacri Monti
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Ruby the Hatchet - Valley of the Snake & Planetary Space Child LP bundle

Ruby's classics "Valley of the Snake" LP on Hellfire Haze vinyl, bundled together with "Planetary Space Child" on Cotton Candy Haze vinyl for a killer price!


Mythic Sunship Light/FluxAugust 05, 2022

We're excited to announce Mythic Sunship's Light/Flux will be out on September 30th. Stream the first single, Tempest, to get a taste then pre-order, pre-save, and pre-add the LP/streaming. 

With five acclaimed releases in as many years, Mythic Sunship have long since established themselves amongst Europe’s finest purveyors of psychedelic music, effortlessly bridging the gap between heavy riff worship and expansive, free-jazz experimentation."

"This September, the Copenhagen-based quintet (and self-proclaimed practitioners of ‘Anaconda Rock’) team up once again with New York’s legendary underground label Tee Pee Records, for the release of their sixth studio album, Light/Flux." -

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