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Mos Generator - The Late Great Planet Earth (2019 Remaster)November 22, 2019

Mos Generator formed in the Fall of 2000 in the western Washington state town of Port Orchard. By the time their first album was released in the spring of 2002 they were well on the way to finishing up the next full length “The Late Great Planet Earth”. Unlike their first offering, which was a straight ahead heavy rock record, The LGPE is a densely layered and meticulously constructed concept album about the end of the world through the eyes of man and through biblical prophecy.  It’s been described as a mix between Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and King Crimson with quite a few 70s progressive hooks peppered throughout. Since it’s initial release in October of 2005 it has been re-issued on three labels and been the most consistent selling album in the entire Mos Generator catalog. Over the 14 years since the release of The Late Great Planet Earth, Mos Generator have released 8 full length albums and an impressive number of  7” singles and Extended Play 12” vinyl records.

"If there's such a thing as fusing some soul into a doom palette, MOS GENERATOR has achieved that. Seldom will you hear an unambiguous merge between the two outside of BLACK SABBATH's "Sabotage". Mos Generator have tapped into a loud vibe featuring sinister and coarse nuances yet with something revealing far more heart”. - Ray Van Horn Jr.- Blabbermouth

Mos Generator
The Late Great Planet Earth
2019 Remaster

1. One the Eve (including: The Midnight Sun)
2. Crematorium
3. Six Billion People Dead
4. Opium Skies
5. The Myopic
6. Closed Casket
7. Fall Of Megiddo
8. Zero To Infinity
9. The Late Great Planet Earth
10. Golden Chariots
11. Exit The Atomic Age
12. The World Set Free

All songs written by Tony Reed