Tee Pee Annex

Acid Jam 2 - S/TJanuary 21, 2021

We’re very excited to spotlight another righteous jam from our vaults. This was originally released in 2000 on Rubric Records, before it merged with Tee Pee. Pics of the now retro compact disc below. Rubric/Tee Pee owner, Mirror Queen head honcho and Roger That! guitar slinger, Kenny Sehgal, sent us these notes on the release:

2000’s Acid Jam II followed the eponymous first edition, which had seen participants convening at a repurposed pigsty at the behest of Bevis Frond mastermind Nick Saloman.

This time ‘round luminaries of British psych gathered in a “proper” studio; Nick and Ade Shaw of The Frond (the latter known for his stint in Hawkwind as well), Tony Hill (High Tide, adding to the high guitar-workout factor), violinist Simon House (Hawkwind, High Tide), drummer Andy Ward (Frond, prog masters Camel), and others from Nick’s Terrascopic orbit contribute to this freewheeling psych affair.

Tune in & turn it up!