Tee Pee Annex

Birth - Digital EPOctober 24, 2019

Release date:  October 4th, 2019
Cover art by Arik Roper.
  1. Descending Us
  2. Cosmic Tears
  3. Long Way Down
Available on: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and wherever you stream audio!

Birth is currently one of the best kept secrets of the underground. The band was founded in 2017 by members of the small and tight-knit San Diego prog-rock community, whose past expressions include two of the most celebrated psychedelic and progressive bands in recent years - Astra and Psicomagia. Hyperbole aside, their music can best be described as a future-past soundtrack for archetypal and epic, weaving storylines that take place in galaxy in an opposite timeline on a long forgotten and overgrown planet. The roots of the overgrowth will lead some listeners back to early 70's, the golden age of the progressive rock era, offering shades of "The Yes Album" and the relentless Kraut-grooves of Can's "Tago Mago." But with their roots planted deep in a by-gone era of groundbreaking songwriting, harmony and instrumental techniques, Birth are able to stretch their vines upward and allow their collective imagination to reach fresh and unfathomable new heights in their planet's atmosphere. Their debut 3 song EP (out now on New York's esteemed underground label Tee Pee Records) is the spark of creation for the Birth universe; the big bang that created the cosmos that contains their belief in fantasy, sonic adventure and absolute balls-to-wall jammed-out and lysergic arrangements. Bravo!