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Alchemysts - One Eyed Again + Over & OutJune 22, 2021

Formed in Southwest England in 1990 by Bridgwater-based guitarist Paul Simmons, bassist Jon Guard and drummer, Mat Love, Alchemysts are a cruelly overlooked yet towering hard psych triumvirate, carved from the Oaks of Avalon.

“Creativity is a wonderful thing,” explains Love, when asked about his time with the band. “To create something out of thin air, be that art, literature, or music is a real gift and something that is vital for the soul. We’re extremely happy that with the help of Tee Pee Records and the wonderful Bevis Frond, we’re finally able to get revive these records for release on digital platforms.”

Originally issued on Behemoth Records in 1996, One Eyed Again collects material from their 1991-93 period and is perhaps best remembered for the monumental 11-minute, magnum opus, ‘Stoned in Jerusalem’. Where, Over and Out – released in 1998 on Australian label, Camera Obscura – is out-and-out hard rock, marauding wildly amidst unmistakable moments of madcap laughter.

One Eyed Again (available on all digital platforms here)

"Recorded and mixed at Beehive Studios, Somerset, England at various times between November 1991 and April 1993, it was basically a set of demos that was put together after Ptolemaic Terrascope put “Blindside” on a mini EP. This album displays "punkish" verve (Blind Side, Bloody Mary) and melodic subtlety (Skin Thing). The 11-minute Stoned in Jerusalem is their satori."

Over & Out (available on all digital platforms here)

"Released in 1998, Over & Out  see the band going in a slightly more rock direction with a sprinkling of cosmic madness"