Mythic Sunship - Light/FluxOctober 06, 2022

Danish psych rockers Mythic Sunship's Light/Flux is receiving rave reviews for a reason. Order your copy of the 1st pressing while supplies last.

"Once you hit play, you'll be lost in their free-form riffage. This album will force your body to grow a mustache, and if you already have a mustache, all of your jackets will grow fringe." - Metal Injection

"One will look in vain after lyrics with Mythic Sunship, but there is something hypnotizing, almost addictive over the band's instrumental, repetitive acid rock." - Jylland Posten

"The atmospheres and textures that MYTHIC SUNSHIP have built up throughout this album have a spiritually restorative quality. Somewhat utilising PINK FLOYD-ian methods of toying with emotion through beautifully melancholic bleakness and fiery up-tempo strangeness, the unpredictability of the album keeps you on your toes. This exhilarating experience brings you a welcoming but unfamiliar comfort; as real life seems to take on a bludgeoning monotony, Light/Flux allows you to escape it all in truly innovative way." - Distorted Sound

"As exhilarating and electrifying as psychedelic records come, ‘Light/Flux’ showcases Mythic Sunship’s scorched-earth approach in the search for new ideas and will be released on 30th September via Tee Pee Records." - It's Psychedelic Baby
“’Light/Flux’ is a more composed and controlled album than our previous output, working with a wider range of atmospheres. Though improvisation is still very essential to how the album was made, we made a point in exploring beyond our usual work methods. For longtime listeners, that will likely be evident, but if it’s your first time listening to Mythic Sunship, you won’t miss out on any of the elements that make up the essential Mythic Sunship vibe. For us as a band, ‘Light/Flux’ is a milestone that has reshaped how we will work going forward.” - Sheltered Life PR

Photos by Daniel Nielsen, design by the band.