Mythic Sunship - Light/Flux LP/CD

Light / Flux sees the Scandinavian outfit Mythic Sunship take their self-proclaimed Anaconda Rock in a new direction. The band has previously incorporated elements from jazz, prog, psychedelic music as well as a ferocious punk feel both in production and playing on their penultimate record Wildfire (2021). Notorious for their usually improvised approach, Light / Flux is the result of a more composed, melodically and harmonically curious process, though still with the band’s signature penchant for unhinged improvisation at its core. The album was recorded in the legendary RMV Studios located in Stockholm over the course of four days, and you can almost feel the chilly December winds of Sweden drifting across the record. Imagine Talk Talk being joined by John Coltrane – here, Mythic Sunship further their unique sound and approach to create a record that evokes both melancholy and somber bleakness amidst the traditional fiery peaks the band is so well known for.