Bundles, The Atomic Bitchwax, Painted Doll, Electric Hydra, Limousine Beach, Al-Qasar, Worshipper, Quarantine Blues, bandannas and more!April 28, 2020


We've bundled our best and brightest together for killer gift ideas. For example, we have their debut LP, on limited edition cloudy purple vinyl, bundled together with their original 2005 7" for a mere $27.98!


Black Friday 2020:

IT’S THE BLACKEST OF FRIDAYS and we hope you give the gift of vinyl this year. Pop BLACKFRIDAY2020 in at check out for 20% of your ENTIRE order. Offer ends at 11:59 on Monday. Help support independent music and have a safe and awesome holiday y’all!


The atomic Bitchwax:

The Atomic Bitchwax are BACK and the title track to their new LP is OUT NOW, stream the new video loud (via Loudwire) 🤘 then download it stat. The first pressing snow white vinyl is selling fast, order yours now while supplies last

"Kick out the stoner jams with New Jersey's The Atomic Bitchwax, who have just released a '90s-styled music video for the title track to their forthcoming new album, Scorpio.

The power trio have been a reliable force in stoner rock for over two decades now and the acid-washed "Scorpio" finds them in great shape and as youthful as when they started. A no-frills, pounding desert-streaker, this song is pure, upbeat fun capped off by a delightful nod to Black Sabbath." - Loudwire


We are beyond psyched to unveil the new Painted Doll video! The fantastic Freeman Promotions has the deets. Play this loud, dig the bonkers lyric vid and then pre-order this soon to be classic HERE.



In the decades and even centuries to come, the year 2020 will be remembered for many things, most of them seriously negative. But even in this absolute fucker of a year, goodness still prevails. Part of that goodness is “How to Draw Fire,” the brand new album from Painted Doll, the unlikely duo consisting of death metal legend Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death, Violation Wound, Abscess) and musician/comedian Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Witch Taint).

“How to Draw Fire” is the band’s second album and on it Chris and Dave push their patented blend of psych/prog/proto-punk/rock/power pop and whatever else even further over the course of a dozen songs. Pop hooks are bigger, the scary parts are scarier, and the psych parts are so psychedelic some people may very well require medical attention just to come down from it all.

How to Draw Fire will be released September 25th, reserve the purple vinyl now while you can! 

Tee Pee Annex! Tee Pee's Annex Rocks on with Sweden's Electric Hydra. If you act fast you can nab their debut LP on limited edition orange. Stream, download, watch it on all of your favorite DSPs while you're at it. This and more await you at the Tee Pee Annex, home of the: "releases we think are cool but slightly outside of the usual mission of the label. This could mean projects that don’t tour or play live, digital only releases, co-releases with other labels, side projects, long lost classics, local NYC bands and self releases that we’d like to help gain exposure. In short; awesome odds n’ sods."


Quarantine Blues! We've all got 'em. Tee Pee's staff curated this playlist to entertain those in the know, and school those who need schooling. Annoy your neighbors and turn it up! We're also running a 15% Quarantine Blues sale on our ENTIRE STORE, so support independent music while you can, just pop 'QuarantineBlues' in at checkout.

We're very happy to help our friends Al-Qasar release their epic debut, MIRAJRead all about it, stream, download & preview the preview video below!

Recorded between Cairo, Paris, Los Angeles, and Nashville, MIRAJ fuses old school psychedelic garage rock with traditional instruments of the Arab world. Electric guitars and fuzz pedals encounter the oud, Ludwig drum kits shred along the darbuka, saz and mizmar. The socially conscious lyrics in classical Arabic speak of power, oppression, and the refugee experience, but also of liberty and passion. 

With French-American psych rock producer Thomas Attar Bellier on one side, and Jaouad El Garouge, musician of the ancestral Gnawa tradition from Morocco on the other, AL-QASAR gained momentum in Europe and the Middle East, with notable appearances at Trans Musicales  (France), FMM Sines (Portugal) and the Fête de la Musique in the heart of Islamic Cairo (Egypt). While in Egypt, Attar Bellier collaborated with musicians of the zar tradition, an ancient healing ritual achieved through hypnotic drumming and mystical trance.

MIRAJ reflects the variety of experiences of the band’s collaborators. Amar Chaoui (Tinariwen, Robert Plant) lays down incandescent percussion and rhythmic duels between riq, daf and various darbukas. Algerian “oud hero” Mehdi Haddab (Ekova, Africa Express) engages in a showdown with Egyptian classical oud prodigy Mohamed Abozekry. The Cairo sessions also gave Attar Bellier an opportunity to record endangered Arab and Bedouin instruments such as the kawala and the arghul. To mix the record, he enlisted the help of his old friend Chris Rakestraw (Megadeth, Danzig).  

Turn it up, we love it. Watch the band's Facebook trailer next.


LIMOUSINE BEACH to Release "Stealin' Wine +2" EP on Tee Pee Records June 19th!

Title Track Streaming HERE!

Pittsburgh PA’s triple lead guitar outfit Limousine Beach combine concentrated songwriting and nimble fretwork with soaring vocal harmonies to become the world’s first “sizzle rock” band. 

Limousine Beach is poised to release its first recorded material on Tee Pee RecordsJune 19, 2020 in the form of an EP entitled "Stealin' Wine +2.". Each composition is a compact blast of expertly crafted songwriting, none of which sacrifice complexity or power for brevity. So knock off work early, crank up the Limousine Beach, and if anyone asks where you are, tell ‘em you’re gone sizzlin’. 

"Based on true events, 'Stealin' Wine' is a tale of airborne liquor theft. When you have 8 hours left to kill on a transatlantic flight, an unattended booze cart is all the motive you need, says the band.

The EP is available for pre-order HERE

Fronted by vocalist/guitarist Dave Wheeler (Outsideinside, ex-Carousel), the lineup is rounded out by guitarists Evan Mitchell (Cruces) and Jason Sichi (Fist Fight in the Parking Lot), drummer Dan Bhutta (Cruces), and bassist Dan Hernandez (Cruces, Sweat). Drawing inspiration from bands such as The Sweet, The Dictators, Van Halen, The Fucking Champs, Nazareth, Sheer Mag, KISS, Jaguar, and Boston.



Worshipper Releases New Single "Lonesome Boredom Overdrive" On Bandcamp

All Sales Today Benefits Bands, Artists and Organizations in Support of Racial Justice and Change

Tee Pee Records artists Worshipper have released a new single today June 5th on Bandcamp. The new track is called "Lonesome Boredom Overdrive" and you can stream and download it HERE. The song will be available on all other DSP's this coming Monday June 8th. 

The band decided to release "Lonesome Boredom Overdrive" today because Bandcamp is waiving their share of sales to support artists impacted by Covid-19, including those donating their share to organizations in support of racial justice and change.

Vocalist/Guitarist John Brookhouse comments on the song,

"Here’s a song that we recorded and mixed for our last record Light in the Wire, but couldn’t quite fit on there for one reason or another. (Run time, mostly.) At a time when many of us are stuck at home, not able to do the things we usually do to entertain ourselves, this song has taken on new meaning. Initially, I came up with the lyrics when I was feeling particularly drained by the daily grind, but now, it seems pretty apropos to put this song out, considering the title and the current dynamic. 

This song began with a riff that Al came up with and it may actually be one of our heaviest songs. When we play it live, my head feels like it’s going to collapse, so that’s probably a good sign that a song is fairly heavy. It also has a decidedly Alice in Chains vibe to it, which, let’s be honest for a few of us in the band, was a pretty seminal influence, but was more of a happy accident than anything. So, enjoy! I hope this helps tame your boredom for a moment or two."





AND, you know you need a new bandanna, in fact you need two. One to blow your nose in while you wash the other, HERE.

(Witch's rickenbacker not included:)