Legions of Doom - The Skull 3 - LP/CD

Translucent green haze vinyl!
Banded together out of mutual respect, admiration, history, and a strong desire to move ever forward, LEGIONS OF DOOM brings together split-duty lead singers Scott Reagers (Saint Vitus) and Karl Agell (Lie Heavy, Karl Agell’s Blind, Leadfoot), bassist Ron Holzner (The Skull, Trouble, Earthen Grave), guitarists Lothar Keller (The Skull, Sacred Dawn) and Scott Little (Leadfoot), and drummer Henry Vasquez (The Skull, Saint Vitus, Blood Of The Sun), and was born as a project following the death of The Skull vocalist Eric Wagner (also ex-Trouble) in 2021. Initial The Skull/LEGIONS OF DOOM shows in tribute to Wagner were held in 2023, and in 2024, LEGIONS OF DOOM deliver the album that The Skull would have made and a new collection of original material that’s been worked on since. With an all-star lineup of some of doom’s most prestigious figureheads, here to share their ultimate heavy truth, the LEGIONS OF DOOM collective take the genre into uncharted territories. Earnest lyrics derived from hope, patience and resilience top fluid, heavy verses and crunching riffs in righteously metal fashion. Just as The Skull built on the foundations Trouble laid at the core of the doom metal genre, look for LEGIONS OF DOOM to push to new ground along that familiar path.