Rot TV - Tales Of Torment - LP

$ 17.98 USD

Pressed on "ghoul flesh" yellow vinyl!

This February will see the official worldwide release of Tales of Torment, the debut album from south-eastern Australia’s creeping clan of black denim/leather clad miscreants, Rot TV. While the album may be their first as a collective, as an itemized bill of experienced and musically well-heeled parts Rot TV is a veritable who’s who of noise-loving night howlers. Featuring the likes of Lecherous Gaze/Witch’s Graham Clise on guitar and Southern Comfort/Miss Destiny’s Harriet Hudson-Clise on vocals, the band has been blazing an unshakeable trail south of the equator since the 2019 release of their debut 7”, ‘F.D.A./Transylvanian Nights’.

 Signed to Tee Pee Records for the release of Tales of Torment, to suggest that the album offers more of the same and very little else would be a lie. From the riff-ready, New York Dolls strut of ‘Ready to Die’ to the closing amphetamine anarchy (a la The Pink Fairies) of ‘Meataxe’, listeners are locked into a rollercoaster of rock history. Dead Moon, MC5, The Damned, all the way down to the Ray Davies ‘Rats’-esque rock of ‘Oblivion’ and full-throttle Kinks worship on their cover of ‘I'm Not Like Everybody Else’, Rot TV have two speeds; fast and full-tilt boogie. Either way, you’re coming along for the ride.