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$ 21.98

Elder - Reflections of a Floating World - 2LP

NOW AVAILABLE ON NEW COLORS!  Band members and friends Nick DiSalvo, Jack Donovan, and Matt Couto already dismissed any last remains of stoner metal stereotypes on Lore (2015). Their current album, which was written following the long and acclaimed Lore tour in moments of intense creativity, is...
$ 21.98

Elder - Lore 2 LP

Third LP from Elder, Lore is a watershed moment in the band's history, now available on clear vinyl with blue swirl!
$ 14.98

Elder - Spires Burn/Release

Now repressed on a new color, black vinyl with starburst!
$ 19.98

Elder - Live at Roadburn LP

First live-album by Boston’s Elder, one of USA’s best modern day stoner outfits after two studio albums (Elder and Dead Roots Stirring) and one EP (Spires Burn) * This release takes cuts from both studio albums and the EP * Recorded live at the Roadburn Festival 2013 * Vinyl includes a cd with t...
$ 21.98

Brainbombs - Brainbombs (aka singles collection two) 2 LP

Repressed on classic black vinyl, housed in a heavy board jacket with insert and download.
$ 14.98

Brainbombs - Obey LP

Out of print for years, this LP is now available on classic black vinyl housed in a heavy board jacket with download.
$ 9.98

Hot Lunch - "Uprooted/Human Being" Australian 7"

Hot Lunch are good time rockin' skate band from San Francisco that meld sixties psych with seventies rock and punk into one brilliant little package that is so infectious it sounds like your best friends band, only better. They feel like a bunch of sixties Detroit punks moved to London in the lat...
$ 9.98

Lecherous Gaze - "Animal Brain/On The Skids" - Australian 7"

Lecherous Gaze are a bunch of sleazy punks from Oakland, CA who play punk rock the real way. Equal parts seventies rock and eighties punk, they lay slabs of riffin' good time music that you can skate to. Born from the ashes of Annihilation Time and rolling that wrecking ball of rock forever onwar...
$ 19.98

Old Man's Will - S/T (Easyrider Records)

Exclusive Tee Pee color. Limited to 100 copies on baby blue vinyl. Hailing from Umea, Sweeden.  Old Man’s Will has out done themselves with their debut record originally released on TransSubtrans in October 2013, re-released by Easyrider. New artwork done by the very talented Sterling Bartlett. ...
$ 23.98

Danava - S/T 2xLP or Danava 2xLP + At Midnight You Die 7"

Danava's self titled debut LP was originally released in 2006 on Kemado Records. This new version on Riding Easy Records is spread out over 2 LPs for a louder listening experience. Tee Pee has it's own color of 200 copies on yellow vinyl.  The band have signed to Tee Pee and are currently working...