$ 29.98

The Shrine - both LPs + bonus Easy LP

We've got The Shrine's "Primitive Blast" pressed on limited edition white vinyl, "Bless Off" on limited edition opaque yellow, bundled together with a free copy of the Easy LP, Josh from the The Shrine's other band!
$ 29.98

Witch - S/T LP on cloudy purple with Paralyzed LP on clear dark green

We've got Witch's classic debut LP, now on cloudy purple bundled together with the Paralyzed LP on clear dark green vinyl for a great price! Witch by Witch
$ 29.98

Sacri Monti LP + Waiting Room bundle

We've got the first Sacri Monti LP, now on clear vinyl, bundled together with the new Waiting Room LP on green vinyl, together at a great price! Waiting Room for the Magic Hour by Sacri Monti
$ 29.98

Sweet Apple - Love & Desperation LP and Sing the Night... LP bundle

We've got Sweet Apple's classic first LP, now back in print on limited edition green vinyl, bundled together with their latest releases, Sing the Night in Sorrow on clear orange haze! Sing The Night in Sorrow by Sweet Apple
$ 28.98

Blaak Heat Shujaa triple LP bundle!

Three great Blaak Heat LPs (Edge of an Era, Shifting Mirrors & Storm Generation) bundled together for an unbeatable price!
$ 29.98

Painted Doll - "How to Draw Fire" on purple and "S/T" on green LP bundle!

Both Painted Doll LP's bundled together for a great price!