Witch Taint - Sons Of Midwestern Darkness CD

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From the mean streets of Gary, Indiana by way of Oslo, Norway (or maybe the other way around- we’re not sure) comes Witch Taint, the most extremely extreme and Satanic Norwegian Black Metal band from Indiana ever probably and you can ask anyone. Witch Taint founder Lance the King of Black Metal (rumored to actually be comedian and musician Dave Hill) and his sworn enemy, Oslo native Matthias Backwards (rumored to actually be musician and comedian Phil Costello), began performing live as a duo in 2017. That year saw them playing a select few songs during sold out appearances at SXSW, in London and Oslo (where none other than Fenriz from Norwegian Black Metal legends Darkthrone was in the front row), and at the 2018 Wacken Open Air festival in Germany. This past spring, Witch Taint began performing as a full, six-member live band (consisting mostly of members found in the darkest recesses of Craigslist) that is so extreme, brutal, grim, unholy, kvlt, and just sort of negative in general that most people can’t even handle it. The band’s full-length debut Sons of Midwestern Darkness, is set to be released by New York City’s Tee Pee Records in April 2020. The album is extremely difficult to listen to in all the best ways and features guest appearances from members of such not-nearly-as-extreme-as-Witch Taint bands as Venom, Carpathian Forest, and Autopsy. Sons of Midwestern Darkness is a 17 song collection of extremely grim yet very catchy and danceable heavy metal anthems that are perfect to get hammered and sing along to with all your closest friends and enemies. If you think you can handle it, which- statistically speaking anyway- you probably can’t, please get yourself a copy.