Valley Lodge - Fog Machine CD - OUT NOW.

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NYC power pop pros Valley Lodge are basically the best rock band that you think you've never heard of, but that you already totally know. The band's wildly popular song "Go" is the theme song to HBO's late-night news satire program Last Week Tonight With John Oliver. Yep, that catchy AF song is by this rad AF group of hot musicians who have the astute knack for creating the jangly pop rock earworms that ring awesomely throughout all of your best-ever dreams. Valley Lodge is known for infusing their hook-saturated songs with a sense of humor, no surprise since they're fronted by comedian Dave Hill, and although they are more famous in Japan than they are here in the States, that's all about to change. The group's new LP, Fog Machine, is a 14-track smorgasbord of unbelievably catchy tunes that will put you in its thrall and make you strut around the house doing Mick Jagger moves long after everyone else is fast asleep. Prepare for instant gratification!