The Shrine - Primitive Blast

Venice, CA LOUD rock band THE SHRINE has signed to Tee Pee Records. Boasting a BIG sound the trio has dubbed "Psychedelic Violence", THE SHRINE -- who Thrasher has called "a hard-hitting three-piece, combining the hooks and tones of classic rock with the energy and stage presence of a thrash band," has been making waves in Los Angeles for the past few years, touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Kyuss Lives!, Pentagram, Graveyard, Fu Manchu, Howlin' Rain, Holy Grail and The Sword. Primitive Blast is the highly anticipated follow up to THE SHRINE's 2010 self-titled debut which was produced by Black Flag's Chuck Dukowski.

"It's like crash landing our spaceship on some awesome planet where everyone is raging and headbangin' and anyone who doesn't like it can bless off," said guitarist / vocalist Josh Landau of THE SHRINE's signing to Tee Pee Records. "We are most epicly stoked to present Tee Pee with "Primitive Blast", our first true offering of psychedelic violence rock and roll.”

THE SHRINE are a pool-skating, acid-eating, rip-roaring trio whose "Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll" will melt your face off! The bitchin' band's bad-ass new record Primitive Blast fuses "the wilder riffs of your Dad's Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath LPs" with "the fury of a punk show getting busted by the cops" and is so wild-eyed and surly that it has to be heard to be believed!! Primitive Blast delivers a crossover bitch slap of gargantuan proportions that instantaneously announces THE SHRINE as the most devil-may-care gang of brothers to soil the streets of LA since DLR and EVH played The Troubadour. The band transcends labels like "hard rock", "punk" and "heavy metal" and renders those terms obsolete! Recorded on vintage gear and reel-to-reel tape through mountainous Marshall stacks, Primitive Blast is the perfect soundtrack to cracking your skull skating your neighbor's empty pool (or to any other debaucherous gathering of longhairs), delivering nine blasts of searing guitar, spazzed-out drums and shook up bass lines that seriously signal THE SHRINE as a ticking time bomb that's about to EXPLODE. Come get some!!

The track listing for Primitive Blast is as follows:

1.) Zipper Tripper

2.) Whistlings of Death

3.) Freak Fighter

4.) Run the Night

5.) Primitive Blast

6.) Louise

7.) Wasted Prayer

8.) Drinking Man

9.) Deep River (Livin' to Die)


THE SHRINE is Josh Landau on guitar / vocals, Courtland Murphy on bass and Jeff Murray on Drums. Dig It.

"A great rock band. I think they have the potential to have a real impact on the rock scene." - Brant Bjork (Kyuss Lives!)

"If you haven't seen THE SHRINE, you should check them out now before they explode. Actually, you don't "see" THE SHRINE so much as you feel them...a bit like what thrash metal would be if it had evolved straight from Thin Lizzy and bypassed Judas Priest entirely."- LA RECORD

"Rock 'n Roll at its purest, in every sense of the term." - METAL ASSAULT

"THE RATTLES AND SHAKES that have been waking LA in the wee hours of the night are supposedly tremors in the earth's surface, but those who know THE SHRINE know better. From Los Angeles comes a hard-hitting three-piece, combining the hooks and tones of classic rock with the energy and stage presence of a thrash band. Artwork vibrated on the paper-thin walls of a 75-person capacity room as it crammed 150-plus people through the doors to see THE SHRINE. By the end of the night, the venue's floor (and anyone within five yards of the band) was covered in sweat, blood, and beer. All signs of yet another successful show by THE SHRINE." - THRASHER