The Shrine - Bless Off

California hard rock kings THE SHRINE will release their new LP Bless Off on March 11 via Tee Pee Records.  Recorded at Eliminator Studios in Venice Beach, CA, Bless Off is the follow-up to the power trio's debut album Primitive Blast which was hailed as one of the "Top Los Angeles Metal Albums of 2012" by LA Weekly and one of Decibel magazine's 2012 "Albums of the Year".  

     Recorded on reel-to-reel tape using vintage gear and colossal Marshall stacks, Bless Off is a record that attacks with buzzing riffs, blazing hooks and a bruising, mega-amplified punch.  The album features 11 tracks of quintessential riff rock channeling hazy hesher glories including a song ("The Duke") with lyrics penned by Chuck Dukowski in 1983 originally intended for an unreleased Black Flag song.  The cover art to Bless Off features THE SHRINE's ever-present wolf mascot and is an homage to legendary skate punk and gig flyer artist Ric Clayton (Suicidal Tendencies) and Dogtown Skateboards.

     Undoubtedly one of America's hottest underground bands, THE SHRINE plays loud, heavy rock 'n' roll fueled by cheap beer and bad acid that combines the hook-laden appeal of '70's garage rock and gritty '80's hardcore with a skate punk energy and attitude resulting in a sound the trio describes as "psychedelic violence". 

 Track listing:

     1.) Destroyers
     2.) Worship
     3.) Tripping Corpse
     4.) The Duke
     5.) Nothing Forever
     6.) Bless Off
     7.) On the Grind
     8.) No Penalty
     9.) Spit In My Life
   10.) Napalm
   11.) Hellride

     THE SHRINE formed at a house party in Venice Beach, CA in 2008. In 2010, Chuck Dukowski, also a Venice local, discovered the band and produced their earliest recordings. By 2011, THE SHRINE was touring America supporting Fu Manchu and Dukowski on separate tours. Primitive Blast, the band's first official album, dropped in the summer of 2012 via Tee Pee Records and the band followed its release by touring across Europe supporting Fu Manchu once again. The first half of 2013 saw THE SHRINE support two-time Swedish Grammy winners Graveyard on a 30 day US tour followed by an appearance at SXSW as guests of Converse and Thrasher magazine, followed by a West Coast tour supporting Dinosaur Jr.  In the spring of 2013, THE SHRINE headlined Europe for the first time -- traveling as far as Russia and Greece -- and played sold out shows in Berlin and London. In the winter of 2013, THE SHRINE supported Red Fang across the USA and then immediately went "down under" to Australia for the first time, supporting label mates Earthless on eight huge shows.  

and Red Fang will launch a massive European tour on January 17 that is slated to run all the way through to early April.  For tour dates, please visit THIS location.

     THE SHRINE is: Josh Landau (guitar / vocals), Courtland Murphy (bass) and Jeff Murray (drums). 

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     "blown-out rock...their radical forward momentum's accompanied by the paranoid, outcast energy that results from constantly looking out for jerk cops, big rocks and swerving cars." - PHILADELPHIA CITY PAPER

     "Shit-kicking SoCal pool-skaters bridge Black Flag and Sabbath via Cro-Mag hooks and high energy sludge." - SPIN

     "While we cede that this release may lean more towards punk, the amount of grime and attitude present feels pretty metal to us. The Shrine blasts out a chaotic cacophony of noise that would have been at home alongside '80s crossover thrash bands like D.R.I. and Corrosion of Conformity. The pools these guys are skating in are really dirty." - LA WEEKLY 

     "The Shrine showcases their ability to head bang, wail on air guitar and hit a a bong with a raw thrash attitude" - INVISIBLE ORANGES

     "Primitive Blast finds the Shrine ripping through blues-indebted hard rock/hardcore with great success...this kind of music is too primal to deny." - PUNK NEWS

     "The Shrine are California through and through, embodying both the stoner grooves and the thrashy skate punk of the area in the 80s and 90s." - BROOKLYN VEGAN