Naam - Vow

NAAM's Vow opens yet another chapter for this Brooklyn-based quartet, breaking new ground both sonically and progressively through the exploration of the realm of psychedelia. Dark melodic tones, vocal harmonies and heavy synthesizer presence accompany the listener in the shift towards NAAM's new-found astral plane. As deep, doom-ridden tones and tribal drums accompany the acid-casualty grooves and freakouts of NAAM past, NAAM future presents not only a more progressive and developed concept through music, but also through the concept of spirituality. NAAM's musical and lyrical evolution into darker territory once again focuses on the sacrament – this time through the rites of sexuality, the devotion towards hedonism and the mortification of desire. As the band's past concepts have dealt with higher powers, unknown beings and mysticism, Vow draws from a more personal, Id-driven nature, focusing on the animal/human duality within.


1.Silent Call
3.In and Thru
4.Pardoned Pleasure
5.Laid to Rest
6.Brightest Sight
7.On the Hour
9.Midnight Glow

"Naam, peddlers of some of the heaviest psych-sludge currently blaring in Brooklyn, have expanded their color palette to include a synthier shade of Black Sabbath. Don't be alarmed, though — the studio-savvy foursome won't be scoring any pink-hued popcorn flicks in the near future" - Spin