Mick's Jaguar - Salvation LP

$ 23.99 USD
Born to stalk death and destined to make righteous noise, Mick’s Jaguar is a force to reckon with. Formed in Brooklyn many moons ago as a one-off Stones’ covers band for an impromptu New Year’s Eve party, the NYC collective is the bastard son of an unholy union between Judas Priest and Guns N’ Roses. Stream it on your favorite platform: https://orcd.co/micks_jaguar 
“The band reimagine the Bon Scott-era rockers out on a Saturday night binge in a New York bar being served by Johnny Thunders. If this sounds like your kinda night out, then Mick’s Jaguar are a band for you.” Echoes And Dust
“Salvation is a fun and boisterous blast from the past.” Heavy Music HQ

“Salvation is a rousing, fist-raising, fire-starting nightbreed that scratches all the right itches.” Doomed & Stoned
"With Salvation, they’re a rock band with a niche within a niche, able to remind of many while staying themselves most of all." The Obelisk