MAGIC "Cotton Candy" b/w "Make Up Your MInd" 7"

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1969 - RARE U.S. HEAVY ROCK — One of the most enigmatic U.S. heavy rock/psych 45s, and a reissue years in the making – A dark & soulful loner rock record that until this point has been essentially undocumented & unknown except to a minute circle of heavy heads who recognized it as the hen’s teeth that it is. The band was an absolute mystery until AGR unraveled it & licensed the music from the artist for this reissue. Recorded summer 1969 - Magic were from the Bay Area near Sunnyvale, CA.

Includes: black vinyl record, ephemera art insert, cardstock insert, embossed white 45 sleeve on black vinyl in edition of 420 copies. Released on Ancient Grease Records.