Hot Lunch - Hot Lunch

Heavy, San Francisco punk 'n' roll band HOT LUNCH has signed with NYC's Tee Pee Records. The group will release its self-titled debut LP Hot Lunch on March 12. Recorded at Louder Studios in Grass Valley, California with producer Tim Green (Jawbreaker, Christian Mistress, Earthless), the album features ten tracks of HOT LUNCH's rallying rock which has been described as "gritty blues-rock (that) keeps the tempo driving hard and heavy with generous helpings of amplified tin sludge and plenty of wailing six-string digressions" that "could have easily been plucked out of the burgeoning hard rock scene of the late '60s and early '70s, competing for decibels with the likes of Blue Cheer and the MC5" by the San Francisco Chronicle.

     Following the sudden implosion of San Francisco's heaviest (and quite possibly hairiest) rock band PARCHMAN FARM, singer Eric Shea built the heavy punk 'n' roll quartet HOT LUNCH. With vintage tube amps the size of refrigerators and a behemoth drum-kit, the group entered California's Louder Studios to record their debut album. The resulting, self-titled Hot Lunch is a ten song romp overflowing with heavy, hard-driving guitars, born-to-be-a-breakbeat grooves, throbbing, melodious bass lines and the BAD ASS vocals of Shea (the dude can really fucking sing!). This is scuzzed-up, red hot garage rock and roll that pushes HOT LUNCH to the forefront of the awesome west coast scene of bands currently redefining skate-rock. Fuck the cold leftovers, it's time for some scorching HOT LUNCH!


     "We've always wanted to be on Tee Pee Records," comments Shea. "It's home to our favorite bands - the bands we like to play with and the bands we like to listen to at home on our record players. We didn't even approach any other labels when it was time to release our album in the States. We're so stoked to be on Tee Pee. Every time I crack open a beer, it still feels like I'm toasting this accomplishment."


    Track Listing:


     1.) Handy Denny 

     2.) Killer Smile 

     3.) Ripped at the Seam 

     4.) Knife Edge 

     5.) Lady of the Lake 

     6.) You're Alright 

     7.) She Wants More 

     8.) Tragedy Prevention 

     9.) Gold Lyre 

   10.) Monks on the Moon 


     With a deep love for skateboarding, the HOT LUNCH dudes don't take for granted that they get to regularly play with other bands redefining skate-rock. They are thankful to call Lecherous Gaze, Earthless, Hightower, The Shrine, Pins Of Light, Glitter Wizard, Carlton Melton and Drunk Horse their friends. But instead of trying to impress you by dropping the names of the more popular acts they've played with, HOT LUNCH would rather brag about the time they rocked on the deep-end decks of the pool where the Tim Brauch Memorial Skateboard Contest was held. Or when they played the after-party for the Nevada City premier of Stacy Peralta's Bones Brigade documentary. Or that Thrasher Magazine leaked a couple of these tunes to soundtrack their "King Of The Road" video before inviting the band to play a party at Double Rock, their private skate park. All this aside, the band would much rather have you listen to their music than read about it. Get ready.

is: Eric Shea (vocals), Aaron Nudelman (guitar), Rob Alper (drums) and Charlie Karr (bass).


 "A blast of 60's acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock 'n' roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth" - THRASHER 


"A glorious tangle of sixties style psych, eighties punk rock, hairy fuzzy proto-metal and seriously shredding guitar mastery" - AQUARIUS RECORDS