Danava - "At Midnight You Die" 7"

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"Danava are putting heavy riffs back where they belong: in outer fucking space! No band since Deep Purple has sounded so space truckingly awesome." - THRASHER

Portland fretboard rippers DANAVA return with the bloodthirsty new single, "At Midnight You Die"! Like Di'Anno-era Iron Maiden played at 45 RPM, the dangerous track gushes with the highly synchronized guitar wizardry that is the iron backbone of the group's cultish hard rock. Laser-sharp, snake-like and focused AF, "At Midnight You Die" is more than a harbinger of the band's impending new music, it's your musical death knell! The killer cut is backed with the twisted track, "My Spirit Runs Free", taken from the underground 1979 horror film 'The Capture of Bigfoot'. Buy or die! Now available on limited edition yellow vinyl!