Carousel - Jeweler's Daughter

Pittsburgh rock 'n' roll band CAROUSEL has signed with New York City's Tee Pee Records.  Conceived in 2010 by guitarist / vocalist Dave Wheeler and drummer Jake Leger, the band's music incorporates many elements, most notably the harmonized guitar lines of Thin Lizzy, the bombast of Mountain and the rhythmic propulsion of Diamond Head, Motorhead and other bands whose names include the word "head".  The dual guitar-driven four-piece will drop its awesomely-titled debut LP Jeweler's Daughter on August 20.

     Teasing the advance of the debut, CAROUSEL has unveiled the colorful title track "Jeweler's Daughter", posting it online at the Tee Pee SoundCloud page.  Crank your speakers 'til they explode and rock CAROUSEL's "Jeweler's Daughter" today at THIS location!

     "We couldn't be more excited to share our new LP, and Tee Pee is the perfect label to help us make that happen," comments Wheeler.  "Our style of raw, uncompromising rock and roll has always had a home on Tee Pee and we are ecstatic to be working with other like-minded artists and individuals."  

     CAROUSEL has been a mainstay of the Pittsburgh rock scene since its very first show in 2011, sharing the stage with local rock, metal and punk bands as well as touring acts such as Mount Carmel, Purling Hiss and Disappears, all the while demonstrating an earth-shaking ability to rock with each and every live performance.  CAROUSEL's Wheeler and Leger (drummer for Pittsburgh indie-rock icons Karl Hendricks Trio) were previously members of noise-rock trio Magic Wolf, while second guitarist Chris Tritschler also plays in the PGH metal band Lady Beast. With CAROUSEL's strong pedigree, instantly-memorable two-guitar harmonized lines (not so much like Iron Maiden, more like Wishbone Ash or Thin Lizzy) and rhythmic swing (or "Bill Ward-isms"), the band can easily hold the interest of punk and metal fans, but add in the charismatic vocals of Wheeler, and it also fits right in at a local yinzer bar.  The band's name is drawn from the futuristic sci-fi movie "Logan's Run" and the device in the film that terminates young citizens once they reach the ripe age of 30. 

     CAROUSEL is the epitome of guitar rock. Based solely on the buzz from the successful self-release of Tears of Stone, their debut 12" EP, CAROUSEL was was invited to join the Tee Pee Records family.  Soon to be armed with a new full-length LP, CAROUSEL now looks to make its move into the national spotlight. Look for them on tour this fall!


     Track Listing: 


     1.) Jeweler's Daughter

     2.) Long Time

     3.) Crippler

     4.) On My Way

     5.) Waste of Time

     6.) Light of Day

     7.) Nightfall

     8.) Contrition

     9.) Penance 


     CAROUSEL is: Jake Leger (drums), Dave Wheeler (guitar, vocals), Jim Wilson (bass) and Chris Tritschler (guitar).


     "Carousel's epic-rock approach is clearly on display..."  - PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE 

      "...the epitome of guitar rock: The rhythm section holds down the beat while both guitarists ride blues riffs as far as they can go; "rhythm guitar" isn't really something Carousel does.  Besides the Thin Lizzy guitars, bands like Blue Cheer and early Sabbath are obvious Carousel antecedents." - PITTSBURGH CITY PAPER

     "There's the easy-listening classic rock bullshit (the stuff a DJ spins at your lame cousin's wedding) that clouds Clear Channel airwaves, but that's not what interests Carousel.  Think Thin Lizzy, Steppenwolf, or Bow Wow (no, not the hip-hop dude-look'em up-one of the best Japanese rock bands ever).  Like these bands, when Carousel enters the stage, they jostle our senses with mean guitar licks and an epic rhythm section.  All they're missing is some fake blood and a ridiculous drum riser.  And they rock.....haaaard." - DRAW. US. LINES.