Ancestors - In Dreams And Time

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   Los Angeles psychedelic prog-rock band ANCESTORS' new album In Dreams and Time showcases the band's most accomplished music to date and a creative sound that morphs from thunderous cacophony to soul-searching peaks and valleys as towering riffs collide with bleak beauty and deep wells of light and dark. Today, ALARM Magazine presents the premiere of the new ANCESTORS song "On the Wind" via its newly relaunched website  ALARM, who named In Dreams and Time as one its "Best New Albums" this week, called the record, "a cathartic experience" that "might be swelling with heartfelt balladry one second, but with a single moment could bring head-banging volatility."  Check out the ALARM premiere of ANCESTORS' "On the Wind" now at this location!


     "In Dreams and Time' feels like the culmination of everything we've done so far," says ANCESTORS guitarist Justin Maranga.  "The record incorporates elements of everything that we've come to feel that Ancestors is, as well as new things that we've never tried. We're hoping that it will tie together fans of our previous albums "Neptune With Fire", "Of Sound Mind" and "Invisible White" who may or may not have connected one release or the other, while hopefully helping us reach a new audience.  We're excited about it."

     ANCESTORS formed in 2006 and instead of "choosing between prog rock or heavy rock," merged the styles to create music rife with atmosphere, tension and raw human emotion.  On In Dreams and Time, the band fuses the primal aggression of their earlier work with the advanced dynamic sensibilities of the new, gazing into the infinite horizon to provide innovative, atmospheric thinking-man's music.  From the moment the album's lead track "Whispers" comes on like a collapsing star, SoCal's reigning kings of heavy psych unleash spacious, bombastic sound that unveils layer upon layer of vintage tones, spectral atmospheres, skin-crawling ambience and swirling keyboard swell over a body of crushing, full-contact rock.  A record of limitless depth, In Dreams and Time swings from the exceedingly beautiful to the punishingly physical in seconds flat.                    


     The track listing for ANCESTORSIn Dreams and Time is as follows:


          1.) Whispers

          2.) The Last Return

          3.) Corryvreckan

          4.) On the Wind

          5.) Running in Circles

          6.) First Light  

     In addition to Maranga, ANCESTORS features Nick Long (Bass, Vocals), Jason Watkins (Organ, Piano and Vocals), Matt Barks (Moog & Modular Synthesizers and Vocals) and Daniel Pouliot (drums).

      "Ancestors take "far out" even further." - PITCHFORK 

      "a landmark for Ancestors thus far...a firm reminder of just how far they've come and how far they're brought listeners along with them." - THE OBELISK
     "hard rock laced with soot, brimstone and church organ" - LOS ANGELES TIMES  

       "a well-balanced, black-tidal-wave of rock and psychedelics" - POPMATTERS

       "progressive doom expansiveness" - STEREOGUM

      "Conceptual, organ-striated heavy rock odysseys wrapped in sumptuous artwork." - MOJO

     "Ancestors aren't exactly a heavy metal band, admittedly, but certainly those of us who dream alongside bands such as Sleep, ISIS, and YOB can find something to love here. Those more into the prog- and psyche-rock realms, who cling to Pink Floyd and King Crimson, almost assuredly will rubber-stamp this amazing display. "In Dreams and Time" is a record that's soaked with heart and soul" - MEAT MEAD METAL    

     "With one foot in the garage and the other in the cosmos, this five piece metal band from LA delivers...Seriously powerful stuff" - GIANT ROBOT