The Atomic Bitchwax

Formed in the mid 90s by bassist/singer Chris Kosnik, guitarist Ed Mundell, and drummer Keith Ackerman, their first self-titled album “The Atomic Bitchwax was released in 1999 with the N.Y.C. label Tee Pee Records establishing them with audiences of the burgeoning "Stoner Rock" community.

As of 2020 the band has released nine studio albums and have performed over 1,500 live concerts worldwide.

Since their formation, The Atomic Bitchwax has inspired hundreds of developing rock and metal bands, but no group of musicians has come close to matching its unique style of fun, frenetic and formidable rock and roll. 

"heavy-psych also finds its home on the Jersey shore." -THE VILLAGE VOICE

"The Atomic Bitchwax should be required listening for any heavy metal of the heaviest and grooviest stoner metal bands to plug in and turn it up." -CMJ

"great rock...10 years on from their 1999 debut album, there's no excuse for never having heard The Atomic Bitchwax before now." -Classic Rock

"for the Atomic Bitchwax, rocking the fuck out is their business. Gold star rocking." -MUSIC FOR ROBOTS

All of their epic CDs/LPs are available here: