The Gods of Rock have seen fit to bestow upon the masses a reincarnation of the psychedelic force previously known as The Socks.

Comprising the same lineup, this incarnation of reverberation that goes by the name of Sunder is destined to sell out stadiums throughout the world, splitting heads through the ears with their brand of thunderous, heavy rock.

Signed to Crusher Records in Europe and Tee Pee Records in the States, Sunder is poised to leave their mark the world over.

Julien Méret's vocals have both the zeal of a prophet and the desperation of a false one. As he proselytizes to the masses, it's impossible for any person to end up anywhere but on their knees. Then, praying for mercy, a wave of fuzzed out guitar tone crushes the mind and leaves nothing but chaos.

Jessy Ensenat may as well be playing with your bones as he leaves you seizing on the ground with the power of his drums. Vincent Melay will remind you what it was all for, as his rhythmic bass lifts your soul to immortality.

Finally, the vocals, farfisa, and mellotron of Nicolas Baud will give you a taste of your own funeral as you join him to piss on your own grave.

The Socks were of Lyon, France. Sunder is of the world and it is with the sounds of Sunder that the shores of the world will be plundered.

Comments by the band: "It's with great pleasure and pride to be part of two of the most amazing heavy/psych labels in the world. Expect us in your town soon, wherever you possibly may be. We are now working our asses off, proposing to you a new sound between psychedelia, heaviness and beauty."