Painted Doll

PAINTED DOLL is the new band formed by comedian/guitar shredder Dave Hill (Valley Lodge, Cobra Verde) and heavy metal legend Chris Reifert (Autopsy, Death). Their debut, S/T, LP will see a February 16, 2018, release. Order the vinyl HERE. Painted Doll came to life when "a death metal guy and a power pop guy got hammered together at a Goblin concert in Texas.” Soon after, Reifert and Hill began trying to out-deep cut each other with late 60's/early 70's Dutch and British psych-pop before Chris suggested the two musicians form a band together inspired by the music they’d been trading. The record's acid trip-esque cover art was created by Hill himself, who calls the colorful collage "something I would have drawn on my notebook back in high school after too much Robitussin."