The Lovetones released their debut album Be What You Want in 2002 through Bomp! Records, creating a palpable buzz among critics from the likes of Creem and Rolling Stone magazine Rolling Stone’s review asserted “In an ideal world, Matt Tow should have boldly walked Carnaby Street a few decades back, decked out in paisley and waxing lyrical with the 1960s pop masters. That way he would have been a peer of Ray Davies, Lennon & McCartney and David Bowie.”

After enjoying the critical success of Be What You Want, touring Australia extensively and even supporting Morrissey during his first ever solo Australian tour, Tow joined The Brian Jonestown Massacre in 2003 and contributed two brilliant tracks to their sonic mastery, ...And This Is Our Music. Tow's opening track Starcleaner later also appeared on the The BJM retrospective Tepid Peppermint Wonderland. In the same year, UK based Fire Records invited The Lovetones to contribute to the James Joyce Chamber Music project alongside Mercury Rev, Sonic Youth and REM's Peter Buck. 2004 saw the release of the Stars EP, coinciding with The Lovetones supporting The Brian Jonestown Massacre on their infamous and now legendary tour of Australia.

The second album Meditations was released through New York's Tee Pee Records in late 2005, revealing a stunning development in Tow's songwriting and providing a soundscape of radiant pop, ethereal psychedelia and truly remarkable vocal melodies that arched for the stars. Soulful and sincere, Meditations nodded gently and respectfully to the pop masters of the sixties whilst never lacking in original vision.

Returning from triumphant shows in the US in late 2005 and also at SXSW 2006, The Lovetones toured to support Meditations' Australian release in May 2006. June 2006 saw The Lovetones complete a crazed European tour across 12 countries with The Brian Jonestown Massacre in support of Meditations' release there through Tee Pee/Cargo Records, culminating in a rave album review in respected UK magazine Uncut.

The Lovetones also managed to record their third album Axiomduring 2006 with fervent sessions split between Figment Studios in Hollywood and the Sydney Opera House Recording Studio. The new album, rich with accomplished instrumentation and out-there dreamscapes, soaring melodies and lyrics filled with longing, introspection and extrospection, is out mid-2007 through Tee Pee Records.