Kalas is a roster that reads like a directory of seminal San Francisco Bay Area bands over the past 10 plus years. Matt Pike from Sleepand High On Fire on vocals. Andy from Econochrist, Grimple, Samiam and Eldopa on guitars. Paul from Medication Time andCruevo on guitars. Scott, also of Cruevo, on drums. Add bass player Brad, and you have a recipe for sonic obliteration, a citadel of rock fury, the bang in headbang, the horned fist in your evening of debauchery.

Kalas is no side project. The songwriting began with Andy, Scottand Brad jamming the framework out back in 2003. Paul came into the picture, adding harmonies and hair to the band in 2004. Mattjoined in 2004 as well, and the behemoth lumbered off its haunches. A demo was recorded at the West Oakland home of Ear Hammer studios, and was made available only as free streaming or downloaded material on the web.

In response to the demo, Kalas fielded offers from a handful of independent record labels. The band signed a deal with New York City's Tee Pee Records late in 2005 and headed into the studio in January of 2006 to record their debut, self-titled, full length album.Kalas will appear at SXSW 2006 as part of the Tee Pee Recordsshowcase, and have set their sights on global domination, starting with extensive touring over the next year.