Bi-coastal black metal / hard rock band, EERIE, will release its self-titled debut album, Eerie, via Tee Pee Records. Featuring a monster mash of musicians including guitarist Tim Lehi (Draugar, Twilight), bassist Dave Sweetapple (Witch), drummer Moses Saarni (Futur Skullz) and vocalist Shane Baker (Pins of Light, Alaric), EERIE plays haunting, biting metal.

Recorded in Oakland, California's Earhammer Audio by producer Greg Wilkinson (Graves at Sea, Vastum), the record delivers a lycanthropic lashing. The skeleton of EERIE's sound rises from the casket of traditional black metal, but the band injects the putrid corpse with a solid steel 70's heavy-prog backbone, giving life to monstrous music and a fantastic horrorscope of sound.

"I've known Tim for a long time through the art / tattoo world and he's done graphics for Witch," comments Sweetapple. "Then a few years ago we worked together on a music project called Vardlokk, along with Grutle from Enslaved. Ever since that happened we had been talking about doing another band without knowing a specific direction to go. One day he sent me a bunch of phone recorded demo ideas that he and Moe (drummer) were playing around with. The structure was fairly black metal in parts, as well as the style of the guitar and drums. While being a fan of much early black metal, that style is not something that comes naturally to me when playing. Similar to the Witch songs, I figured out a bunch of "Scooby Doo-style" bass lines and flew to Oakland to start recording the full length with Greg Wilkinson. The basics were recorded for almost a year before Shane came along and added the vocals. Once that happened it moved well away from the black metal realm with vocals that were quite clear and in my opinion, some sort of channeling of early Killing Joke style mixed with his other band Pins of Light. We are all pretty pleased with how it turned out.”

Eerie features inhuman album art by legendary tattoo artist (and EERIE guitarist) Tim Lehi, who has previously commissioned works for HIGH ON FIRE, LEVIATHAN, ACID KING, SAVIOURS and more.

Track listing:

1.) Hideous Serpent

2.) Yeti

3.) Master of Creation

4.) Immortal Rot

5.) Blood Drinkers

Eerie CD/LP