Big Kizz

Featuring the formidable lineup of musicians Axel Sjöberg (x-Graveyard) on drums, guitarist John Hoyles (Spiders, ex-Witchcraft) on bass (!!) and vocalist/guitarist Pontus Westman from Swedish garage outfit Lady Banana, BIG KIZZ has arrived to chew bubblegum, kick out the jams and take names. This classic power trio plays good time Rock 'n' Roll energized with elements of power pop, garage rock and punk that will have toes tappin', ears ringin' and mouths singin' from the moment the needle hits the wax. BIG KIZZ's bad-as-hell debut features the swinging originals "Eye on You" and "Baby Boy" and a rousing remake of Roky Erickson ripper "White Faces”.
For Fans of: The Hives, MC5, The Hellacopters, Turbonegro, Spiders, Witchcraft and Graveyard.