Annihilation Time

Annihilation Time are the ideal mix of seventies rock and eighties hardcore. The nature of the music is personified in their bar brawls and bloody faced performances. Then again, the constant touring with Municipal Waste and Caustic Christ can have that effect.

“Annihilation Time III: Tales of The Ancient Age,” further bridges the gap between the band's wildly comparative influences, ranging from Bl'ast! to Thin Lizzy. Their third full-length album is a ten-track mind riot laced with neck breaking rhythms, obscene twin guitar leads, and angst-driven vocals.

Annihilation Time has always been a brotherhood. Founding members Graham Clise and Chris Grande have seen the band go through various line-up changes. The chemistry remains tight because the band never inserts a complete stranger; it’s always a “bro.” The current lineup has known each other for almost six years. This combination of familiarity and change maintains a certain level of innovation for the band in a genre of music that can be limiting.

With a record that infuses elements of punk, hardcore, psych, and southern rock Annihilation Time found like-minded partners in Tee Pee Records to release “Annihilation Time III: Tales of the Ancient Age.”

Recording for the album took place in the band’s current hometown of Oakland, California. Greg Wilkinson co-produced (Kalas, Saviours, Brain Oil) and recorded the album at Earhammer Studios.


Annihilation Time is:

Chris Grande - Bass
Graham Clise ­ Guitar
Jimmy Rose - Vocals
Noel Sullivan - Drums
Wes Wilson - Guitar