$ 12.98

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan

Nine tracks of heavy, space-traveling rock played alongside acoustic drones and soundtrack-inspired landscapes.
$ 4.98

Elks - Destined for the Sun

Burgeoning Brooklyn buzz band ELKS will release its debut album Destined for the Sun on September 13 via NYC's Tee Pee Records. Featuring an abstract conceptual theme chronicling "the history of a tribe of nomadic Space Vikings," ELKS' Destined for the Sun tells the tale of "peaceful inhabitants ...
$ 12.98

The Main Street Gospel - Love Will Have Her Revenge

The Main Street Gospel's debut album is 11 tracks of cool, driving rock n' roll titled Love Will Have Her Revenge, sure to please bluesy alternative country, classic rock, and psych fans.
$ 11.98

Nordic Nomadic- Worldwide Skyline

Nordic Nomadic is the solo project of Chad Ross, singer and guitarist for Toronto, Canada's most beloved psych rockers, Quest For FireE.
$ 12.98

Jason Simon - Jason Simon

Jason Simon, best known for his work as the guitarist and singer for the seminal heavy psych band known as Dead Meadow, releases his first solo record(Tee Pee Records). It is a stripped down and intimate record filled with intricate guitar work and poignant well-thought lyrics. Some songs are fil...
$ 12.98

Teeth Of The Hydra - Greenland

Eight tracks of blistering metal in the vein of Mastodon, Early Man, & High On Fire.
$ 12.98

Titan - A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You, and You and You

Shimmering mind expansion like a heavy solar tapestry of Ash Ra Tempel, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Hawkwind and Zombi….Immense.
$ 12.98

Imaad Wasif - The Voidist

Imaad Wasif is a rock musician who came of age in the Coachella Valley of the 1990s. Wasif kept his sound stripped down in his revered indie rock outfits Lowercase and Alaska! During these early years, he also played live and in the studio with Lou Barlow s Folk Implosion. In 2006 Kill Rock Stars...
$ 9.98

Ancestors - Of Sound Mind

OF SOUND MIND is a journey through the past into the future; a signpost for a quickly emerging force of musical power and creativity.ANCESTORS have channeled the freedom of progressive stalwarts King Crimson, the craft and insight of Pink Floyd, and the depth and brooding of Neurosis.