Volcano - The Island LP - lava red vinyl

$ 17.98 USD

Featuring trailblazing musicians from San Diego’s groundbreaking psychedelic scene, including members of Harsh Toke, JOY and Loom, Volcano merges Afro-beat rhythms, electric rock guitar and dance floor grooves to forge a sound that is totally new, yet instantly recognizable. On its dynamic debut, 'The Island'Volcano explodes, delivering  polyrhythmic, serpentine, yet highly listenable songs that flow like lava and are at once, cool as ice and hot as hell. The album mines inspiration from global greats including Fela Kuti, The Witch, and The Funkees, the krautrock mind-jams of Can and Neu!, James Brown's funk and the rhythmic complexity of the Allman Brothers. Much like its members themselves, the music of Volcano is constantly moving and mutating; a modern fauxback sound that pays homage to the all-time greats, while forging a distinctly modern path towards the future.