Telekinetic Yeti - Primordial CD/LP

Tee Pee Records is proud to present Telekinetic Yeti’s PRIMORDIAL. Order the multiple-colored, limited edition first pressing (Only 200 copies per color!) while supplies last.

#1 American Release and #5 Album Worldwide on the Doom Charts for July 2022. 

#5 Hard Rock Album of 2022 - Magnet Magazine 

Telekinetic Yeti’s debut album, Abominable,was one of the year’s most talked about debuts, with The Obelisk dubbing it the “debut of the year,” and saying “it could have been another band’s second or third record for the level of cohesion on display.” Metal Injection noted their “explosive live show” as tours with Clutch, Red Fang and Weedeater followed. With Primordial, the band takes their game to a whole new level. The album explores themes as diverse as evolution, sorcery, black magic and the contradictions of the gloriously uplifting yet simultaneously melancholic human condition. 

“I have a love for two piece bands, and when they can achieve a limitless sound with the limitations of being a 2 piece I fucking pay attention. The walls couldn’t keep this beast in and someone needed to call the cops, because this record made me feel young and invincible.” - Metalsucks Top Albums of 2022

“This shit fucking crushes. Ace riffs. Killer delivery, killer sound, enough variety, knows what it is and how to do what it wants. Band with a plan. They nailed it. Stone on. Now shut up and take my money.” - The Obelisk - Top Albums of 2022

“The riffs are fuckin' mighty, the drumming is cacophonous and the vocals are the perfect blend of haunting and hard-hitting. If you like your stoner-metal with a sativa zest instead of an indica slump, then smoke 'em if you got 'em while you listen via YouTube” - Revolver

“Primordial is one of the most exciting and action packed releases I’ve heard this year. Helped along by fabulous production values that allows Telekinetic Yeti to release another incredible album for the Stoner Metal Underground Scene to get their teeth stuck into. If you’re a fan of Black Sabbath, SLEEP and Mastodon then Telekinetic Yeti have the potential to be your favourite new band.” - Outlaws of the Sun

“Primordial pulses with enormous, mind-blowing riffs that’ll plow right through you” -  Patrick Schober/Monster Riff

“When something is this heavy, this good, with just two dudes, praise must be bestowed. Primordial throws fire all over the joint, from Bauman’s riffs, songwriting, and overall tone and sound, to Heim’s killer, rolling and pummeling drumming, and Cope’s production, Primordial sounds massive, all the way around.” - The Sleeping Shaman

“I first experienced Telekinetic Yeti live in Chicago who performed as an opener for True Widow.  This is one of my favorite concerts of all time.  I was immediately blown away by these two talented musicians and have been awaiting a new album ever since.  Primordial does not disappoint.  It brings all the energy and enthusiasm of a live show along with brutal riffs, killer guitar solos, and mesmerizing melodies.” - Nine Circles

“I can’t recommend this album highly enough, not only to fans of the genre itself but even to casual fans of early Sabbath there’s going to be plenty to get your teeth into with this creative release, which may well defy a few expectations about a stoner album. 8/10” - Ghost Cult Mag

“Filthy and hard-edged like BONGZILLA, relentlessly groovy at any tempo like BONGRIPPER, and grubbily grandiose like CONAN, these songs don't so much tick all boxes as smash them with a weed-stained sledgehammer. 8/10” - BlabberMouth

“What you hear is what you get with its massive, lumbering, heavy as your emotional baggage mega fuzz processions. They make it dance and crush, and most of all, they make it memorable. Its one of those records your lizard brain won’t let you put down.” - Creem mag