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$ 11.98

Ruby the Hatchet - Valley of the Snake- out now!

Philadelphia psychedelic doombringers RUBY THE HATCHET are one of heavy music's finest on-the-rise bands. Evoking a decade's worth of maturity gained in just a few short years, the genesis from the band's 2011 self-titled EP to present day has been nothing short of stunning. The group's music fu...
$ 12.98

Mirror Queen - Scaffolds of The Sky - out now!

NYC volume dealers MIRROR QUEEN take guitar rock by force on the ominously titled Scaffolds Of The Sky. The band's driving music accelerates at the distinct point where NWOBHM and heavy Prog Rock intersect; a direct and definite delineation of an era when urgent metallic sound was the order of th...
$ 11.98

The Atomic Bitchwax - Gravitron - out now!

New Jersey's legendary, riff-centric power trio THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX (aka TAB) returns with gargantuan riffs and jaw-dropping psych sonics on its sixth full length LP,Gravitron. Now featuring TWO members of MONSTER MAGNET – bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik and drummer Bob Pantella – alongside shred-t...
$ 11.98

Death Alley - Black Magick Boogieland - out 5/19

Amsterdam's punked-out, proto-metal outlaws DEATH ALLEY play rip roarin' HEAVY psychedelic music that delivers a kick ass new take on old school Rock ‘N' Roll, mashing Motörhead and Black Sabbath to create a blistering, raw sound. Featuring ex-members of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, the band's music delive...


NEW MUSIC!April 26, 2015

We're totally stoked on our upcoming crop of new LP's, stay tuned to have your minds blown by the likes of DEATH ALLEY (5/19), FOGG (6/23), SACRI MONTI (7/24), CAROUSEL (8/28) and SUNDER (TBA).