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Death Alley - Black Magick Boogieland - out now!

Amsterdam's punked-out, proto-metal outlaws DEATH ALLEY play rip roarin' HEAVY psychedelic music that delivers a kick ass new take on old school Rock ‘N' Roll, mashing Motörhead and Black Sabbath to create a blistering, raw sound. Featuring ex-members of THE DEVIL'S BLOOD, the band's music delive...
$ 11.98

FOGG - High Testament - out now!

Warped riff-riders FOGG worship at the altar of the almighty riff, conjuring leaden tombs of amp-destroying sound. The towering Texas trio cranks howling psychedelic metal and ‘70s biker doom topped with gnarly shredding and strangely unique vocals that hover distantly over landslides of chest ra...
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Sacri Monti - Sacri Monti Out Now!

California psychedelic heavy rock champions SACRI MONTI blaze a scorching trail of superb shredding and smoldering riff-o-rama on their Tee Pee Records debut. The self-titled record is a searing smorgasbord of muscular rock that boils '70s guitar rock down to its purest essence while simultaneous...
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Carousel - 2113 - out 8/28!

Pittsburgh hard rock heroes CAROUSEL storm back with their second LP 2113, a midnight binge-blur of muscular, dynamic R 'n' R, filled with timeless hooks and killer, scorching solos. CAROUSEL is a band that knows how to capture your attention; the group has the unique ability to filter the music ...


FREE Download of our 2015 Summer Sampler!July 28, 2015

Tee Pee Peeps! Enjoy a FREE download of our 2015 Summer Sampler featuring our best and brightest. It's basically a kick ass mix tape meant to thank y'all for your support, please share and play it loud!

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Track listing:

1. JOY - Miles Away
2. Ruby The Hatchet - Demons
3. Earthless - Violence Of The Red Sea
4. The Skull - Sick Of It All
5. Fogg - Joy Of Home
6. Carousel - Trouble
7. The Atomic Bitchwax - Coming In Hot
8. Mirror Queen - Scaffolds Of The Sky
9. Lecherous Gaze - New Distortion
10. Death Alley - Bewildered Eyes
11. Sacri Monti - Glowing Grey
12. Sunder - Daughter of the Snows