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High On Fire

Led by the legendary Matt Pike (ex-Sleep), High on Fireis like no other. Their style of ear-shattering war metal is some ofthe most exciting that the world of underground heavy music has tooffer. With a heavy-handed approach and a sound that crashes likethunder, High on Fire has put the power back in 'power-trio.'Less a band than a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume and sheerheaviness, the band has burned the metal rulebook and forged a newarchetype.

High on Fire’s critically acclaimed re-release "The Art of Self-Defense" is now available for the first time on LP, exclusively through Tee Pee Records. The Tee Pee version of "The Art of Self Defense" (CD/LP) contains the 6 original track and two additional bonus tracks including a blistering cover of Celtic Frost’s "The Usurper." Since "The Art of Self Defense", High on Fire has release two more critically acclaimed albums, "Surrounded by Thieves" and "Blessed Black Wings".

"The Art of Self Defense" was recorded in autumn 1999 at Oakland's Sharkbite Studios with world-reknown producer Billy Andersonand fell from the sky in March 2000 to an overwhelming response.Offering respite from commercialized rap-metal and warmed-overstoner-rock clichés of the time, "The Art of Self Defense"served up a rock hard, unorthodox form of modern metal cloaked instrange religious theology. Though easy to pinpoint their influences (Black Sabbath, Celtic Frost, Motorhead and other seminal hard-rock outfits), the trio's style was unique, distinct and absolutely crushing. High on Fire are a class unto themselves, manhandling rock music while locking into grooves that transcend time.


"Thisis metal at its most tribal, stomping and heavy as fuck without beingplayed especially fast. The band's attack is unholy, utterlyrelentless, and loud as the falling of the heavens. These eight tracksare not so much songs as ageless slabs of molten granite eroded by theelements into a stone hammer being swung at your head."

Alternative Press
"Indispensible.... "The Art of Self Defense" fucking kills."

(4 of 5 K's) -- "Their set is heavier than Poison Idea in a dump truck."

"..The trio's debut is collosal, dwarfing.. It's soul is permanantly strapped to an elephantine groove. Devastating!"

Pulse Magazine
( 4 of 5 stars) -- "Fortunately, Pike's buzzing time/space antics aren't merely gimmicks..it works whether the bong is full or empty."

To describe the music on "The Art Of Self Defense"without using a string of superlatives is virtually impossible... Asgreat as this record is, it also has that timeless quality of gettingbetter with every listen. As you become accustomed to the overwhelmingwall of sounds, the intricacies become audible.

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